How long does it take/ when can I expect to receive my suit?

NINESPIRES suits are not factory made. Each one of our suits is lovingly handmade by one of our many expert tailors and is completely custom. It is because of this that we usually allow 3-4 weeks for you to receive your suit, however, if you're willing to pay a little more you can select the 'premium' service in the postage section when buying your suit and you will receive your suit within 2 weeks.


What if it doesn’t fit?

Our suits follow a specific size guide designed to fit most body types, however, if you feel like you still need to make some minor adjustments here and there to ensure the suit fits the way you want it to then we recommend you take it to your local tailor. We at NINESPIRES want you to have your dream suit so because of this we are willing to reimburse you up to £20 in alterations for your suit. Just email us with the subject "alterations" and attach a copy of the receipt and the details of the alterations made.


Where are NINESPIRES suits made?

NINESPIRES is all about supporting local businesses, it is because of this socially conscious business model that we choose to work with trusted tailors we know. Our tailors are located all over the world and have 15-20 years experience making suits.


Can I add a waistcoat later?

No. If you would like a waistcoat you should always buy it with your suit not later on.


Do you cater for weddings/proms? 

Yes. NINESPIRES caters for a wide variety of events, just make sure you purchase your suit well ahead of time or pay for the premium service.


Are the suits machine washable?

The general rule for suits is that they are better cared for if they are dry cleaned. This is because of the construction of the suit. However, if you really must wash a suit and cannot use a dry-cleaners then we would recommend a cold gentle wash.


What if I don’t like my suit when I get it?

NINESPIRES is committed to making you look your best. So if for whatever reason you feel your suit is not doing that then please email us and we will give you the address for you to send the suit back to. Once we have received the suit and inspected it we will email you with a voucher that will enable you to swap your suit for another one of equal value free of charge.



I can get cheaper on the High Street!

Yes, this might be true but you get what you pay for. Next time you are out on the high street browsing suits, look inside the jacket and read what the fabric composition is. You will find that most high street suits are betweened 65%-95% polyester with the remaining percentage being viscose. NINESPIRES suits are 50/50 Wool blend so our customers can get a better quality suit at a better price.


What’s the difference between a ‘skinny’ and a ‘slim fit’?

A slim fit suit will look great on most guys. However, if you are going for that skinny look then we recommend the skinny fit. Skinny fit suits are slimmed on the arms and legs and around the waist and buttocks for that extra hugging feeling.


What fit are the trousers?

Depending on which fit you choose the trousers will match accordingly. If you choose a slim fit suit then the trousers will be slim fit, same goes for skinny fit.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do


Do you offer corporate/bulk deals? 

It is possible yes, but  NINESPIRES crafts a very limited number of suits each year as we personally vouch for each of your tailors, email us with your requirement and we will be happy to give you a quote.



Can I buy a NINESPIRES suit as a gift? 

Yes. Our suits come beautifully packaged – or, if you prefer, we offer online voucher codes for £100 £150 and £200 so the lucky recipient can design their own suit and customise to their liking.

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop us an email at info@ninespires.com