Always wanted a black suit but could never find one that doesn't make you look like you work as a se..


Blue Truth

Black, grey and blue are the standard in the suit world. But you are more stand-out than stand-ard. ..


The Doctor

Brown suits are not worn enough in my opinion but if you're going to go to brown town then make it c..


Blue Pinstripe

When you mean business and still need to look sharp then this is the suit for you. The Blue Pinstrip..



Are you bored of all the suits you have?Do you want to stand out from the crowd?Well look no further..



Probably one of the most popular suits of all time, it is the staple of mens fashion and it's probab..


This is your captain speaking...

As the name suggests this suit was inspired by the swanky looking airplane pilots of the mid 20th ce..


Medium Grey

As the name suggests this is a beautiful medium grey colour that is the perfect summer suit or day t..


Mr J

Greetings comic book fans and cosplayers alike. Yes indeed this suit was heavily inspired by the bri..